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Convenient, easy payment is a must-have at Holy Divers. Owning and maintaining a waterfront property is already enough of a hassle! We offer a wide variety of payment methods including written checks, digital checks, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit card tap, cash, and more. 

For submerged weed removal, an invoice will be sent via e-mail or text (whichever you prefer) 12-48 hours following the completion of the first cleaning service in your summer package. If you would prefer to pay in person immediately after a service, we will accept checks, card tap, Venmo, PayPal. 


For projects that charge hourly (bog removal, emergent or floating weeds, and shoreline work), an invoice will be sent upon completion of the project. 

 Available Discounts 


If you are new to Holy Divers' services ask about our promotional tickets! 

  Rewards Program 



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