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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources classifies submerged weeds as aquatic vegetation that grows underwater water but does not breach surface. The most common submerged weeds in central and southern Minnesota are as follows: pondweed, watermilfoil (northern and Eurasian), naiad, and eelgrass. Removing these weeds is a guaranteed way to ensure your lakefront has an enjoyable, safe swimming area. Limiting aquatic growth around your dock will also prevent the accumulation of muck as unpicked submerged weeds will otherwise decompose before winter, thus turning into sludge on your lake floor or shoreline. Finally, a lack of aquatic weeds will make fishing off your dock a breeze!

At Holy Divers, the removal of underwater weeds is predominantly done by hand to ensure that roots are extracted entirely. After removing the bulk of weeds by hand, we utilize special tools to remove potentially missed root systems or weed stubs. These tools also help agitate bottom sediment which in return will prevent future aquatic weed germination. 


We charge by the square foot for this work and typically recommend a two-visit cleaning package to start the summer. Pricing for your lake depends on its location. For regionally specific pricing, discount opportunities, and further information about this service, feel free to fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page.

 Below are examples of our submerged weed removal work! 




Thank you for considering Holy Divers!

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