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At Holy Divers, our mission is to set the bar higher than ever for quality, safety, and innovation in the niche aquatic weed removal industry. Through experience, work ethic, and a great attention to detail, we work effortlessly to exceed expectations without compromise. Whether you want to create a fun & safe swimming area, make your lakefront stand out for a big event, clear a boat path, or improve shoreline appeal, we are able to help. With a wide variety of services, our crew has the ability to take your waterfront property to a new level. 

 Dive into a cleaner summer with Holy Divers! 

 Why Aquatic Weed Removal?  

Most our waterfront friends have their weeds removed to:

Create a fun, safe, enjoyable swimming area

Nobody wants to swim through slimy weeds except us! We make lakefronts loveable without the use of chemicals.

Prevent muck buildup

Unpicked weeds slowly decompose after dying, thus leaving behind sludgy, stinky plant matter which turns to muck. Yuck! 

Increase shoreline appeal

Whether it's cleaning a lakefront's washed-up weeds or removing emergent weeds to create a boat path, waterfront property owners from Duluth down to Shakopee trust Holy Divers with their lakefront maintenance needs! 

Remove harmful invasive weeds

Removal of environmentally harmful invasive aquatic vegetation will make way for a healthier lakefront. From clearer waters to healthier marine life, there are plenty of reasons to pick those pesky weeds. 

Create a boat path

Save that boat prop of yours! Whether they are submerged or breaching the surface, aquatic weeds can hinder boat access!

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